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designlab is a regional provider of interior design planning solutions for the built interior environment. Since the firm's founding in 2004, we have developed into a multifaceted, multidisciplinary design company. We created exceptional interior environments that are powerful and inspirational.

Our work inspires people while shaping their future. Our projects transcend their initial purposes to express timeless cultural, organisational and personal values.

We retain an ability to connect across markets and disciplines in every part of the world, which allows us to approach design from so many different perspectives. It gives us an unparalled ability to innovate. We collaborate with clients and colleagues to create wonderful spaces linking people and place. Our ideas emerge from the intersection of many active minds and imaginations.

We care deeply about the human experience. Our people understand that effective design has a profound influence on the world and we use it to protect our natural environment and enrich lives.


Our design ability and holistic approach springs from the board array of interconnected disciplines awithin the firm. Our ability to integrate these services as a unified creative force is in sync with what today's world needs from design.

Approaching challenges from different perspectives - from strategic planning to architectural, engineering and interior design to construction service- enhances our ability to innovate. Offering these servinces in-house also contribute to better projects by streamlining the team's communication and quality control.

Designlab's services extend through the entire project cycle: from strategic planning, design and procurement:

Interior Design Consultancy, Furniture Sourcing & Procurement, MEP Design Consultancy, Project Management, Client Representative, Turnkey Interior Solution

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